A Day in the Life of a Virtual Assistant (VA)

POSTED: 25/11/15

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secretaryThe concept of a “virtual assistant” or “VA” is pretty new to a lot of people. I often have people ask me what I actually do. I thought I’d give an example of a day in my life to give a better idea of exactly what I do.

Time for the long commute to my desk – my favourite part of the job is not having to sit in traffic in peak hour! 

Check my Outlook Calendar (couldn’t live with this!) see what I have on today and check emails.  Answer any emails that require answering.  If any new work has come in via emails, allocate into this week’s calendar depending on urgency.

I usually have a few little jobs I like to do before I start the bigger jobs I need to focus on for longer:

  • Log into ClientA’s emails as I monitor these each hour and answer or file for action later for him.   
  • Share ClientB’s blog from their website onto their LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus forums.
  • Post a Client’s C,D,E,F,G,H & I’s facebook posts for the day, maybe scheduling some to appear later in the day.
  • Prepare and send off invoice for minute taking I completed last week.

Make a quick run down to my favourite coffee shop for daily Cappucino with 1 sugar!!  Need to get my priorities right. 

Prepare bi-monthly e-newsletter in Mailchimp for ClientI.

Prepare facebook and LinkedIn posts for next month for ClientI.

Have some lunch – try really hard to move away from desk and eat lunch on patio! 

Research venues, photographers and videographers around Australia for training workshops.  Present in an excel spreadsheet for CLIENTJ.

Travel to and Meet with CLIENTA to discuss some changes to workload and receive some new work.

Design E-Postcard for monthly offer for in Mailchimp for CLIENTC.

Plan for next day in Outlook and call it a day!

So there’s a day in the life of this VA. I hope it’s shed some light on what exactly virtual assistants do.

As you can see, I need to be very organised with my time. Prioritising and organization are my strengths.  I have a wide skill set and enjoy the variety that this line of work provides.

I absolutely love my job and love the variety it gives me. I consider myself an office all-rounder, so even if you are not sure if it is something I do, please ask.  If I can’t help, I just may know someone who can.

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