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facebook for businessNo longer just a trendy online forum used predominately by teenagers to find out the latest gossip, Facebook is quickly making its way into the business world.

Facebook business pages, are a fantastic tool for businesses and have many potential benefits, which can ultimately lead to increased sales and profits. A facebook business page will put your business name, your brand and your products and/or services in front of millions of people.

Facebook is still the most popular social network in Australia, (Social Media Statistics Australia - January 2017).  Approximately 65.8% of the total Australian population is an active Facebook user. This is a huge number.

There are many reasons why a facebook business page is an ideal platform to help grow your business.  Here are a few:

  • It is low-cost, making it ideal for small to medium businesses with a limited marketing budget.
  • It is an easy way to communicate with existing and potential new customers.
  • With a single post, you can reach all of your followers at once –a feat that is nearly impossible with other marketing tools.
  • It is perfect for raising brand awareness and promoting positive word of mouth.
  • You can encourage traffic to your website.
  • And its ability to target specific markets.

I tell my clients to look at managing a facebook business page as another form of networking.  It is very effective for building relationships and educating your customers and the sales will follow.

You can also use Facebook to gather feedback from your customers. Ask them what they think about your products and services. If they love them, others will want to jump on board and you will know you are on the right track.  Alternatively, if they make complaints or raise issues, then you can use this feedback to iron out any kinks and to make your business even better.  When legitimate criticisms are addressed openly, tactfully and in a timely manner, you may even turn an unhappy camper into a loyal customer.

Invite your Facebook followers to road test new products or new business ideas that you are developing before rolling them out?  You will be surprised at how many people are willing to try something out and freely give their opinion.  This interaction can also help establish and build relationships with potential and existing customers.  But the big bonus is that you may release a new product or service that meets your customer’s needs and something that your customers really want to buy.

Share information related to your business that is actually useful or interesting to other users. It cannot be all about sales or continuous self-promotion.  Your followers will quickly tire of that kind of treatment so think about what they need and what they would like to see posted on your page.  Sharing good quality and relevant content increases your credibility and promotes your business by building long-term relationships with other Facebook users.  For example, a vet could post tips for looking after pets, timing them according to when particular health issues arise (e.g. tics in summer). Be creative with your content.

Along with the benefits to your business, interacting with others on Facebook can also be fun!

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