POSTED: 23/12/16

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Part of my role as a VA is to monitor social media networks and the whole social media 'world' in general.  What platforms work well for what industries, which platforms are increasing in popularity etc.

I could see that this Instagram platform was taking off and that some of my clients would benefit from being in this space.

So I received some training from Claire Hams from Socialise My Business.  Claire is a super whizz on social media, especially Instagram and I have learnt so much since training with her.  She is focused on helping the small business owner and knows all the tricks to get the most out of your posts.

Instagram is popular because it is focused on visual content which stirs up emotions and feelings with your followers.  With over 500 million monthly active users and 2100 new posts every second being uploaded, screams nothing but opportunity for your business.  Best of all – it’s FREE to use.

It’s pretty exciting to see your likes per post go from 6 to over 50 and growing daily and ultimately creating more awareness for my clients. 

Claire recently shared this crucial (but often forgotten) tip for her followers: 

Does your BIO tell your followers what you do? I find it hard to follow a business account where their BIO does not fit with their branding or what they are about.  If you are a hairdressing shop you would state what you offer and the address of your business. If you are an online business you would state what you offer and direct them to the website link using the arrow emoji's.  Make it easy for your followers to know what you want them to do next or where they can find you.

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