POSTED: 25/05/16

smallerThe combination of A Facebook Business Page and E-Marketing has been proving a successful combination for small business owners.

My MINI MARKETING PACKAGE FOR SMALL BUSINESS is designed for small business owners who have limited time and budget but are keen to increase their sales and profits.

As we already know Email marketing is a very popular, cost effective way for businesses to build and maintain relationships with their clients/customers. It is the best way to utilise your database to its full potential. The E-Postcard (an attention grabbing photo and short paragraph offering a monthly special) is a simpler, shorter form of the full blown E-Newsletter, sent out the same time each month is a perfect way to increase sales with those already interested in your product/service. Being consistent allows a pattern to develop and before long your customers will be waiting to see what this month's offer is!

Your monthly E-Postcard can be posted directly on your facebook business page as well as being sent direct to your database. In addition, Facebook enables easy, informal communication between businesses and customers. With a single post, you can reach all of your followers at once –a feat that is nearly impossible with other marketing tools. You can have an E-Postcard sign up button on your facebook page -Just another way to increase your database.



  • Approximately 20 planned posts to put on Facebook (these would include a mix of education/sales/and fun posts)
  • Participating in discussions on facebook
  • Forwarding enquiries and questions on to you
  • $20 paid advertising to increased targeted likers to your page
  • A monthly stats report on how this is all working – example – number of ‘likers’ on facebook business page etc.

E-POSTCARD to database 

  • Creating and sending out E-postcard to database using Mailchimp.
  • A monthly stats report on who opened the newsletter, who clicked through to certain links, how many unsubscribed etc.   
  • Maintaining database in Mailchimp each month.

Ramp up your marketing for the New Financial Year with my MINI MARKETING PACKAGE FOR SMALL BUSINESS
Prices are monthly.
NB. some start up costs may apply. Email me at for more information.

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