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2020 croppedThe rapid evolution of digital technology has led to an inspirational change in the way companies do business in Australia. As more and more companies flock to the cloud, businesses are becoming more streamlined, efficient and scalable. Never before have businesses had the ability to be so flexible and mobile, gaining a competitive edge quickly and easily, given the right market vectors and environment.

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facebook for business3Recent announcements of planned changes to Facebook, and in particular, News Feeds, have attracted a lot of attention across both social media and traditional media. Is it a storm in a teacup or should businesses who use Facebook be concerned?

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POSTED: 04/06/17

facebook for businessNo longer just a trendy online forum used predominately by teenagers to find out the latest gossip, Facebook is quickly making its way into the business world.

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The greatest compliment that you can receive in business is a referral.  It means your clients know and believe that you will provide the same service you have to them.  They are putting their reputation on the line when they refer you.  It is truly the best way to grow your business. 

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Look, Feel, Be Your Best

POSTED: 08/09/16

Have you ever attended an event or been at a business meeting or even just met someone in your working day or personal time and there is something about that person that stands out....for the right reasons?  They ooze charisma, confidence and style.  What is it they have that is different to everyone else?

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POSTED: 22/03/16

relax smaller cropped2More than 30% of business owners don’t take holidays.  Many say it is never a good time to leave the business and take a holiday.  The Easter long weekend is probably the closest you will get to it being a good time (unless you are in the hospitality industry).  A lot of businesses will close, or at least slow down over these four days.  You don’t have to go away, but use the time to slow down, go for walks, get a massage, sleep in and catch up on the enjoyable, relaxing things you normally don’t have time for. 

After all, you are your business’s most valuable asset and generally work long hours, so looking after yourself makes good business sense.  So take the time now to get your body and mind back into peak condition.  Spending time with friends and family is also a healthy way to rebalance. 

Ok, now time for me to take on some of my own advice.

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