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2020 croppedThe rapid evolution of digital technology has led to an inspirational change in the way companies do business in Australia. As more and more companies flock to the cloud, businesses are becoming more streamlined, efficient and scalable. Never before have businesses had the ability to be so flexible and mobile, gaining a competitive edge quickly and easily, given the right market vectors and environment.

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Facebook is the perfect platform for exposing your business to potential customers and for engaging and interacting with your existing customers; it is also one of the best ways to reach a targeted audience. 

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POSTED: 23/12/16

Part of my role as a VA is to monitor social media networks and the whole social media 'world' in general.  What platforms work well for what industries, which platforms are increasing in popularity etc.

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secretaryThe concept of a “virtual assistant” or “VA” is pretty new to a lot of people. I often have people ask me what I actually do. I thought I’d give an example of a day in my life to give a better idea of exactly what I do.

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New Year, New Opportunities

POSTED: 29/12/13

It’s a new year and maybe a new start for some.  There is definitely a growing trend of home based businesses.  How convenient would it be to do your work around the baby sleep times, school hours or whatever other commitments you may have.

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The year seems to flash before our eyes and before we know it Christmas is here. We work through the year with our heads down and barely have time for a friendly chat to our clients, let alone extending a thank you. So, this is the ideal time of year to reflect on the year just past and to remember those who have supported your business over the year.

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