POSTED: 09/09/16

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The greatest compliment that you can receive in business is a referral.  It means your clients know and believe that you will provide the same service you have to them.  They are putting their reputation on the line when they refer you.  It is truly the best way to grow your business. 

In business, it is not only important to be able to provide a good product or provide great service but it is crucial to be reliable, trustworthy and consistent.   It is also something that takes time – trust is built over time and can’t be rushed. 

Recently, I noticed, and am extremely grateful for a chain of referrals that has occurred in my business.  A long term client of mine referred a long term friend and business colleague of his to me.  We didn’t work together immediately but kept in touch in person as well as email communication until a time when he needed my services and I was the first phone call he made.  After about 12 months he had referred a friend/business colleague of his to me.  And just recently they have referred 2 of their friends/business colleagues to me. 

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