The Key to Business Success in 2020 is a Virtual Assistant

POSTED: 26/01/20

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2020 croppedThe rapid evolution of digital technology has led to an inspirational change in the way companies do business in Australia. As more and more companies flock to the cloud, businesses are becoming more streamlined, efficient and scalable. Never before have businesses had the ability to be so flexible and mobile, gaining a competitive edge quickly and easily, given the right market vectors and environment.

Into the middle of this revolution are the virtual assistants. Previously known as freelancers, who with laptop in hand and an expresso machine bubbling away, can leap into the fray and save the day!

The popularity of virtual assistants has grown rapidly over the past few years, as more and more businesses realise the benefits of a flexible workforce. It’s not only online businesses that leverage the expertise of virtual assistants, many brick and mortar firms understand that scalability is the way of the future.

The ability to increase or decrease your workforce quickly and without any fuss is the hallmark of a successful and forward thinking business. Virtual assistants are ideal for start-ups and small businesses who can’t afford permanent staff, but are a cost saving measure for more established firms. As your business demands increase, you can hire virtual assistants for set projects, roles or hours, reducing the responsibility that comes with full-time employees.

How can virtual assistants help your business?

The majority of virtual assistants are highly qualified and experienced, they simply choose a line of work that suits their lifestyle. Virtual assistants are well known for completing a lot of work in a very short time, making them very cost-effective! As mentioned above, there are many benefits to hiring a virtual assistant, here are five more that you might appreciate:

  • Increase your business’s productivity
  • Lower your business’s ongoing costs
  • Improve efficiency and streamline admin tasks
  • Core staff can be freed of repetitive tasks
  • Pay by the project or by the hour

Virtual assistants can take over a multitude of tasks, freeing your core staff to focus on growing and expanding your business. They are often essential for start-ups and small businesses that don’t want to employ staff on a permanent basis. Virtual assistants can also take the pressure off business owners, allowing them the time to refocus and take a breather. Knowing that the essential tasks of your business are being handled effectively and efficiently is often enough of a break!  

As a personal assistant and secretary for over 20 years and a virtual assistant for the past 10 years, I have a wealth of experience. I consider myself an all-rounder and if I can’t help then I generally know someone who can! I specialise in tasks that you would normally delegate to a personal assistant, such as diary and email management, word processing & research, social media, e-marketing, event & workshop management, minute taking and so on.

If you know that your business could be more efficient, more profitable and more successful, but you just can’t take that leap, the key to your success in 2020 might just be a virtual assistant!

To discuss how I can help your business achieve success in 2020, call me on 0421 636 973 or introduce yourself via email. I look forward to talking with you soon. 

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